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Wedding, party and meeting venue rental for the Johnston/Des Moines, Iowa area.

The Johnston Lions Club community building, located at NW 64th Place and Merle Hay Road, is available for rental for a wedding, a wedding reception, a party, a business meeting, training and other functions.  For these events, renters are able to use a caterer of their choice.  Capacity of the building is 250.

Wi-Fi available.

The club rental coordinator may be contacted by Email at or by telephone at 515-314-5666.

Please view our rental brochure Front and Back for additional information. For your convenience, this page contains the necessary information.

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Rental Agreement-2020

Johnston Lions Club Rental Policies

  1. Reserving the Venue & Payment:  A minimum of half the Rental Fee is due with the completed and signed Rental Agreement to reserve the venue (See Cancellation Policy below).  Final Rental Payment and Damage Deposit must be received by the Lions at least four weeks prior to the event.  If payment in full is not received by this due date, Rental Agreement is subject to cancellation by Lions and the Tenant’s partial payment will not be refunded.
  1. Wine, beer, and/or champagne may be served on the premises.  NO HARD LIQUOR OR CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES ARE ALLOWED ON THE LIONS CLUB PREMISES.  The City of Johnston must be contracted by the renter to schedule an officer to be present for the duration of time alcohol will be served and/or consumed.  This will be at the renter’s expense and will be billed to the renter by the City of Johnston.

Acknowledgment for Alcohol & JPD

  1. Damage Deposit Policy: The Damage Deposit may be used by the Lions for repair of any damages, including carpet stains, sustained during the Tenant’s rental period, or to return the building and premises to the pre-rental condition (see sections 4 through 6 below).  Tenant agrees to be responsible to pay the Lions for any damages in which the cost of repair is more than the deposit.  The amount withheld shall be solely determined by the Lions based upon the reasonable cost of repair or time rendered by the Lions or by independent repair and service providers.  Otherwise, the Damage Deposit will be refunded in full after an inspection of Lions property has been made by a member of the Building Committee or other designated Lions member or agent, and it is determined that no extraordinary costs have been incurred and all rental payments have been made.
  1. No nails, pins, tacks or tape (of any kind) or other adhesives, fasteners or fixtures can be placed on or driven into the building walls, ceilings, floors, counters, cabinets, tables, or any other surfaces.  Tenants agree to use only the “S” hooks provided to hang decorations.
  1. No confetti or glitter of any shape or size is allowed in the Lions building or onto Lions premises for any occasion.  Renters who bring confetti or glitter to Lions property may forfeit up to their entire Damage Deposit.
  1. Failure to adequately clean, as described below, will result in a deduction from the renter’s Damage Deposit, in an amount solely at the discretion of the Lions. Table and counter cleaning, trash emptying (including bathroom trash), carpet vacuuming, mopping linoleum areas, and grounds clean-up of trash, etc., must be done to return the building and premises to the condition received prior to the rental.  Trash must be placed within the dumpster outside.  Furnishings must be returned to their pre-rental locations, according to the table floor plan found in the storage closet, with the appropriate grey chairs out around tables and all the brown chairs stored away.
  1. Cancellation Policy: Tenant understands the Lions Club building is often reserved for several months in advance and that cancellations are costly to the Lions.  Half of the full Rental Fee shall not be refunded to the Tenant unless the date and time are subsequently rented to others, or upon application made by the Tenant to the Lions Board of Directors, if it is determined there was a natural disaster, inclement weather or other severe emergency that would warrant refund of the fee.  Any refund will be at the sole discretion of the Lions Board of Directors.
  1. Smoking is not permitted inside any room or part of the building.  Smokers outside are to use the designated cigarette butt receptacles.
  1. All events must terminate and the premises must be cleaned and vacated by the end of the rental time, defined in the Rental Agreement, or 12:00 midnight, whichever is earlier.
  1. The contract signer is renting the building on behalf of the named organization, family, or individuals and understands that they shall be responsible for conducting themselves in an orderly manner at all times while on the premises and shall be financially responsible for damages that may occur during the rental period.
  1. The Johnston Lions Club reserves the right to change any of the Conditions/Rules outlined above with 21 days written notice to the Renter’s address prior to the rental date.  Further, the Lions reserve the right to terminate any Rental agreement/event immediately with evidence of any destruction of Lions’ property or neighboring property, violation of other terms of the Rental Agreement, or for the disturbance of the peace in the area.

Facility Features

  • Below is the floor plan diagram of our community building. The facility seats 250 people and is available for parties, weddings, receptions, meetings, and other functions or events.
  • Included is a kitchen with a commercial stove, refrigerator/freezer and service counter.
  • In addition to the indoor facility, there is a large fenced brick patio and ample parking for guests.

Room Measurements:

  • Banquet room  70′ x 40′
  • Club room 10′ x 18′
  • Meeting room 19′ x 24′
  • Dance floor  25′ x 40′

Tables & Chairs Available:

  • 26 – 8′ Rectangular tables
  • 10 – 5′ Round tables
  • 4   – 6′ Rectangular table
  • 1   – 4′ Rectangular table
  • 250 – Folding chairs

Building capacity is 250 people.

Rental Rates

Effective January 1, 2020





Wedding Receptions $850 $500 For one (1) day only
Wedding Receptions, 2nd half day

Wedding Receptions, 2nd full day



For Set-up
Parties and banquets

8:30 AM till 2:30 PM or 3:30 PM till 9:30 PM

$350 $500 6 hours or less

(No alcohol permitted at birthday parties)

Business, school and organizational meetings (does not include business parties, receptions or shows) $160


4 hours or less

additional hrs

Johnston Lions Club members 50%  discount
plus $50 cleaning fee
$500 weddings not included

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